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For those of your who have tested out and are using Integroís Complete Kit, we thank you for your continued support!

What do people think about Integroís new "Complete Kit" and "The Right Idea"?

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“We have been using the 28VDC Low Voltage LED Lighting System at two of our job sites for wash outages, and the systems have performed perfectly! In the past, we suffered bulb breakages and lighting outages that exposed our workers to electrical and other hazards. The system has eliminated these types of hazards, resulting in only a safer environment to work in, but has increased productivity. ”

“I have been taking care of the airfield lighting at Plattsburgh International Airport for 11 years now and have used many different components. I was skeptical at first about using the Integro Complete Kits because I figured they were the same everyone else had just in a different package. I was proven very wrong! We recently installed Integro Isolation Transformers and Complete Kits in all of our runway fixtures. Before all of the new parts, our megger readings were horrible and many failures of the system were linked to bad or loose connections. Living in an environment that is subject to sub-zero temperatures for weeks, the equipment we use on our only runway has to be the best. That is exactly what we got when we ordered our parts from Integro. The Isolation Transformers are heavy duty and I canít say enough about the Complete Kit Connectors. They made installation easy and provide a tight and waterproof connection. I have many years left at this facility and want to see whatever I install last a long time. In my personal opinion The Complete Kit Connectors are an incredible product and I look forward to using them in the future.”

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