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Ground Clamp Assemblies

Ground Clamp Assemblies

Integro offers Ground Clamp Assemblies that come with your choice of ground clamp and a factory molded male connector used for hook up to a welding extension or a welding machine. These Ground Clamp Assemblies are designed to ground the material you are welding for safety. All of our Ground Clamp Assemblies come with a male, industry standard, brass connector that fully mates with the most widely used types (Lenco, Tweco, Dinse or Camlock). This brass connector is fill-soldered to the cable strands to ensure 100% continuity, and then molded to the cable jacket for operation in any kind of weather. You can count on our molded Ground Clamp Assemblies to bring you welding efficiency when assembled equipment would let you down!

Ordering Detail: Base Part Number XX-YYY-ZZZZ

Base Part Number:

  • 11632-Lenco/Tweco Type
  • 11649-Dinse Type
  • 11485-Cam-Type Shrouded Nose (Series 16)
  • 11377- Cam-Type Ball Nose (Series 18)

Cable Size: XX

  • 03-1/O cable
  • 04-2/O cable
  • 05-3/O cable
  • 06-4/O cable

Length in Feet:

  • 025 - 25' long
  • 050 - 50' long
Ground Clamp TypeZZZZ
Blunt Cut: BLUN No Ground Clamp
Lenco Clamps: Flat Jaw: 300 300 Amp model
500 500 Amp Model
Tong-Type LPG3 LPG-300, 300 Amp model
C Clamp Type MIG6 MIG-600, 600 Amp Model

(Please specify if you would like a different type of ground clamp, or a ground clamp from another manufacture)

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