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Power Cords

Power Cords

Industry Standard Power Cords

Integro manufactures a line of industry standard power cords, extensions and distribution systems. All connections are based on the NEMA 5-15 (U-Ground) specification. As with our other lines of power equipment, our industry standard power cords provide superior safety and reliability. All U-Ground connectors are molded in synthetic rubber for a permanently sealed connection (rather than assembled), and serve as high quality plugs and receptacles that are ideal for operation in extreme marine conditions.

U-Ground Extension/ Pigtail Outlet

Integro Part #Description
10837-XX-YYY Male/Female Extension
11486-XX-YYY Male Plug Lead
11488-XX-YYY Female Receptacle Lead
10823 Pigtail Outlet Receptacle,3 wires, 7" long
XX-cable length
-01-12/3 SOW
-02-14/3 SOW
-03-16/3 SOW
YYY-length in feet

Power Streamer

Power Streamer
Integro Part #Description
10906 3- Wire Power Streamer, with a male U-Ground input on 12/3 SOW cable, 25' leading into 4 taps spaced 5' apart, each tap with a molded U-Ground female receptacle on 14/3 SOW cable, 10' long. Total length of the streamer is 40'

Specialty Power Cords

Integro manufactures a line of specialty power cords, extensions and distribution systems. As with the Integro line of Navy Specification equipment, our specialty power cord line provides superior safety and reliability. Molded in synthetic rubber, they serve as high quality connections that are ideal for waterproof operation in extreme marine conditions.

3 Phase Plugs

4MJ20-4FJ20 4 Contact Model

Integro Part #Description
10783-01-YYY Male/Female Extension
10781-01-YYY Male Plug Lead
10782-01-YYY Female Receptacle Lead

(20 Amp, 4 Contact, 12/4 SOW cable)
(YYY- length in feet)

3 Phase Power Streamer

Power Streamer
Integro Part #Description
10921 3 Phase Power Streamer with with 4MJ20 input on 12/4 SOW Cable, 50' leading into 6 taps spaced 3' apart, each with 15FR Female Receptacle on 14/3 SOW cable, 6' long. Total length of streamer is 65'

3 Contact Model


30MFP (Fused)

(3 Contact,14/3 SOW cable)

15MP3 (Non Fused)

( 3 Contact,14/3 SOW cable)
Integro Part #(30 Amp) DescriptionIntegro Part #(15 Amp) Description
11329-01-YYY Male/Female Extension 11597-01-YYY Male/Female Extension
10779-01-YYY Male Plug Lead 10926-01-YYY Male Plug Lead
11261-01-YYY Female Receptacle Lead 11588-01-YYY Female Receptacle Lead
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