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Palmgren-Type Welding/Electrical Connectors

Palmgren-Type Welding/Electrical Connectors

We also recommend Integro Palmgren-Type connectors for heavy duty welding jobs, or for high current power applications. The sleeves are made with synthetic rubber for superior durability and dielectric strength. The male and female brass contacts have a superior locking design to ensure great connections in your roughest environments. Although we highly recommend our molded extensions for durability and extended life, we also offer kits with molded sleeves (in colors) and brass contacts for in-field repairs or replacement.

Shrouded Style

Ball Nose Style Connectors
Molded Extensions Male-KitFemale-Kit
Male/Female, 1/O cable 11001-03-YYY 11297-0X 11298-0X
Male/Female, 2/O cable 11001-04-YYY 11297-0X 11298-0X
Male/Female, 3/O cable 11001-05-YYY 11297-1X 11298-1X
Male/Female, 4/O cable 11001-06-YYY 11297-1X 11298-1X

Sleeves-X indicates color (1-Black, 2-White, 3-Red,4-Green)


Ball Nose Style

Shrouded Style Connectors                    
Molded Extensions Male-KitFemale-Kit
Male/Female, 1/O cable 11002-03-YYY 10284-0X 10291-0X
Male/Female, 2/O cable 11002-04-YYY 10284-0X 10291-0X
Male/Female, 3/O cable 11002-05-YYY 10284-1X 10291-1X
Male/Female, 4/O cable 11002-06-YYY 10284-1X 10291-1X

Extensions- YYY indicates length in feet

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