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L-823 Primary Connector Kits

L-823 Primary Connector Kits

Is your airport complete? 
Check out where our "Complete Kit" is being used!




Integro Primary Connector Kits are used to install Isolation Transformers into series circuits, and to make serviceable splice connections or test points in L-824 Airport Lighting Cable on primary power circuits.         

Where They are Used

Integro Primary Connector Kits are used on all installations with our transformers and are installed in all the same regions.


Integro Primary Connector Kits are approved to the FAA L-823 specification and are certified by Intertek Testing Labs to FAA Advisory Circular 150/5345-26.

L-823 - Primary Connector Kits Certification


Integro Primary Connector Kits are molded in thermoplastic rubber for superior dielectric strength, and to ensure watertight connections in the field. Each molded kit housing is filled with insulating silicone to fill voids. They are rated 25 Amps and 5,000 Volts.

L823 "Complete Kit" Primary Connector Kit Style 3 & 10

The "Complete Kit" has 3 features that make it superior to any other kit, and eliminates the need for Heat Shrink.

Extended Strain/Bend Relief prevents the back end of connector from opening and allowing water to enter. The extended Strain/Bend Relief also keeps the cable straight in main housing when installed thereby making the primary seal better.


Integrally Molded O-Rings (3 of them) sweep debris from the cable jacket and grab hold to provide added sealing thereby completely eliminating water entry to the connection.


Roll over Flap on front of the connector provides an added water seal when installed to a transformer.

FAA ListingIntegro Part #CableMin ODMax ODWeight
L-823 11805-01 8 AWG .300" .400" .335
  11805-05 8 AWG .380" .500" .335
  11805-04 6 AWG .300" .400" .335
  11805-02 6 AWG .380" .500" .335

L823 Primary Connector Kit Style 3 & 10

Primary Connector Kits

FAA ListingIntegro Part #CableMin ODMax ODWeight
L-823 11174-01 8 AWG .320" .430" .335
Style 3 & 10 11174-05 8 AWG .410" .585" .335
  11174-04 6 AWG .320" .430" .335
  11174-02 6 AWG .410" .585" .335

 Each Primary Connector Kit includes:

  • Style 3 male Pin - Style 10 female Receptacle

  • Style 3 male Housing - Style 10 female Housing

  • Instruction Sheet - Paper Wipe for cleaning


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