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L-823 Style 1 & 6 Fixture Leads

L-823 Style 1 & 6 Fixture Leads


Integro Fixture Leads are designed to be an FAA Approved Secondary Plug for all lights used on an airfield runway. They are used with approach, taxiway centerline and edgeway, runway centerline and edgeway, touch down zone and sign lights. They typically come installed on a purchased light, but can also be bought separately for in-field installation. Our Style 1 Fixture Leads can be manufactured to fit any lamp voltage, cable type, length or other special requirements.

Where They are Used

Integro Fixture Leads are factory installed, and preferred worldwide by most airfield light manufacturers in the United States and Europe. Replacement leads have also been sent to the field and installed at airports throughout the world.


Integro Fixture Leads are approved to the FAA L-823 specification and are certified by Intertek Testing Labs to FAA Advisory Circular 150/5345-26.

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Integro Fixture Leads are molded in synthetic rubber and thermoplastic rubber for superior durability and dielectric strength. They are built using a number of cable configurations with varying temperature ratings. Integro offers both Style 1 (standard size) and Style 6 (mini size) Fixture Leads. The Style 6 design is preferred for applications where there is very little space on the can or base (ie shallow base cans).

L823 Style 6 Mini Fixture Leads-Rated 20A, 600V


DescriptionIntegro Part #
2 x 16/1 TPV 11155-03-XXX


XXX - Length in Inches

L823 Style 1 Fixture Leads-Rated 20A, 600V


DescriptionIntegro Part #
2 Single Wires- 2 x 16/1 10518-01-XXX
2 Conductor Cable- 12/2 10518-17-XXX
2 Conductor Cable- 16/2 10518-14-XXX
2 Single Wires-2 x 12/1 Teflon 10518-15-XXX
2 Conductor Cable- 14/2 10518-16-XXX
2 Single Wires- 2 x 12/1 10518-19-XXX

XXX - Length in Inches

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