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Voltage Transformer

Voltage Transformer


Integro Voltage Transformers are used in parallel circuits on airfields to step down the utility (line) voltage to run 6.6 Amp airfield lighting products.  They are encapsulated and designed to operate efficiently while submerged in water.  They are approved to operate between -55 C and + 65 C and can be installed above ground, in metal cans or directly buried.

Approvals and Testing

Integro Voltage Transformers are constructed to conform To FAA L-830 Specification.  All Integro Transformers undergo 100% Quality Testing which includes visual inspection, heat testing and HIPOT testing after heating and 12 hour soaking.


Integro Voltage Transformers are encapsulated in thermoplastic rubber for superior durability and dielectric strength and are manufactured with 2 primary and 1 secondary leads.

The leads are:

Tee Connections - Two leads on 8/1 Cable, 24" long (Both leads are rated 25 Amps and 5,000 Volts).  Install using standard FAA connector kits.

Style 8
- Female Secondary Lead on 12/2 cable (Rated at 20 Amps and 600 Volts).

Integro Part NumberDescriptionDesign Frequency (Hz)
11807 45W, 120/6.9V 60HZ
11808 45W, 240/6.9V 60HZ
11809 180W, 240/27.3V 60HZ
11810 200W, 240/30.3V 60HZ
11811 300W, 240/45.4V 60HZ
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