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"The Tutor"-Electric Vehicle Break Away Cable Assembly

"The Tutor"-Electric Vehicle Break Away Cable Assembly

The Tutor Cutsheet
The Tutor Drawing
The Tutor Breakaway Video
The Tutor Breakaway Video II


NEC 625319 States "Automatic De-Energization of Cable.  The electric vehicle supply equipment or the cable-connector combination of equipment shall be provided with an automatic means to de-energize the cable conductors and electric vehicle connector upon exposure to strain that could result either cable rupture or seperation of the cable from the electric connector and exposure of live parts."  The Tutor is designed to achieve this mandate in the safest way possible.  It is designed to unplug without hazard and shut down charging, yet remain in its harness, rendering it theft proof and tamper proof.  The operator can easily plug the connectors back in and reset the charging station to resume charge.  It is ideal for commercial applications and can be utilized to guarantee that revenue streams are not interrupted due to charging station or J1772 connector damage.  It actually protects and defends that from happening. 

Where Used

Integro's Tutor will be installed in line in the line the 240 Volt power carrying cable for use with Level II electric vehicle charging stations.

Approvals and Testing

The Tutor is UL2251 approved.  The Tutor meets requirements for use with electrical vehicles found in UL2251, SAE J1772 and NEC625.19.  The Break Away Connector also meets UL Safetouch requirements.


The Tutor is designed with integrally molded connectors and strain reliefs onto CPE Cable Jacket to provide water tight and environmentally protected connection. 

Integro Part Number: 11826
Description: Breakaway Connector, Integrally molded 4 Pin Male Connector and Strain Relief onto 2' of 10/3-18/1 CPE Cable Jacket

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