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Welding Preheat System

Welding Preheat System

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Tested to UL Standard for Electric Heating Appliances, UL 499

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Integro offers its Quad System, which powers 24 heaters for larger jobs and its Single System, which powers 6 heaters for smaller more portable jobs. Each System comes with the following:

 Quad System
   (1) Controller w/ 4 outlets, (4) Power Streamers, (24) Strip Heaters             

The Quad Controller is designed for 100A, 3 phase, 3 pole, 4 wire primary input and has 3 pole, 4 wire receptacles for secondary output. You can run 6 heaters per each 4FJ20 panel mount receptacle output for a total of 24 heaters per Controller. The controller's output is rated 48 KW at 460 Volts. The unit is portable and lightweight with dimensions of 16" x 17.75" x 14.25" and weighing only 32.01 lbs. It also comes with Power Available indicators, Blown Fuse indicators and a Disconnect Switch. The unit comes with a Percentage Timer, which controls the heating time of your system and allows you to alter the systems requirements to each application.                                                                                                                  


Quad Controller Part Number: 11667


Single System
  (1) Controller w/ 1 outlets, (1) Power Streamers, (6) Strip Heaters                  

The Single Controller is designed for 30A, 3 phase, 4 wire primary input and has a single outlet for secondary output. The Single Controller is designed to operate a total of 6 heaters. The controller's output is rated 12 KW at 460 Volts. This smaller unit is even more portable and lightweight with dimensions of 13" x 13.5" x 12.25" and weighing only 19.30 lbs. It has all of the other features mentioned above.

 Part Number: 11705 

Both Controllers allow you to run your preheat on a totally dedicated system to maximize efficiency.                                                


Power Streamer

Part Number 10921

Power Streamers are used to take the 4 contact, 3 phase power input from the Controller and distribute that power to 6 outlets for each individual strip heater to plug into. Each 3 phase power streamer has a 4MJ20 (male) 4 contact, 3 phase input on 12/4 SOW Cable that plugs into the Controller. There is 50' of cable leading into 6 taps, each spaced 3' apart. Each tap has a 15FR (female) receptacle on 14/3 SOW Cable, 6' long. Total length is 65'.


Strip Heaters


Preweld Strip Heaters are made with a cast aluminum shoe and a flat cover to heat your steel application to appropriate preweld and postweld temperatures. They are designed with hanging slots so you can drive a stud and hold them in place. Each strip heater has a 15' input cord witha 15MP3 male connector that plugs into the power streamer. They come in 4 different sizes and can be ordered in any combination to handle your specific applications.

Part Number

10531-01: 12" Long, 650 W, 460 Volt
10531-02: 18" Long, 1000 W, 460 Volt
10531-03: 24" Long, 1500 W, 460 Volt
10531-04: 36" Long, 2000 W, 460 Volt

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