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Construction Lighting


The Right Idea is a Low Voltage LED Lighting System equipped with substantial energy and cost savings along with the ultimate safety solution. It is designed to retrofit existing 120VAC Power, consisting of: AC/DC Converter and 28VDC bulbs designed for the most optimal results.
The Right Idea is equipped with fast and easy set up along with the convenience of portability to meet and exceed lighting expectations. With streamers designed for the roughest environments and LED Bulbs equipped with the highest durability, The Right Idea can withstand the most rugged surroundings and is the ultimate solution for construction lighting applications.

Patents Filed
61/594, 500
61/731, 931
61/721, 718
61/779, 544


"The Right Idea", Low Voltage LED Lighting System

Approved for UL Standard 2108 listing for Safety Low Voltage Lighting System


Check out the PDF of the catalog below! 

Low Voltage LED Lighting System Catalog New!


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LED Converter Arrow

Integro’s AC/DC Converter is designed to convert 15A/120VAC input power to 15A/28VDC output. It comes equipped with (4) 2 Pin molded Panel Mount Receptacles, rated 5A, 28VDC, each protected with 5 amp breakers. The Steel Enclosure is NEMA 4x Rated.
Construction Lighting - LED Converter

LED Streamer Arrow

Integro’s 2 Wire Lighting Streamers include 2 Pin Male and Female Connectors molded to 12/2 Cable. Streamers are molded in either Synthetic Rubber or Thermoplastic Rubber with permanently molded sockets. Streamers available in 25’, 50’ , or 100’ lengths.
Construction Lighting - LED Streamer

LED Bulbs Arrow

Integro’s Low Voltage LED Bulb operates on 28VDC power for energy consumption reduction of up to 90% versus 120VAC incandescent and up to 75% versus 120VAC LED bulbs.
Construction Lighting - LED Bulbs

Extension Cable Arrow

Extensions are also offered to connect the Converter to the first LED Streamer. These can be ordered in various lengths and in both synthetic and thermoplastic rubber.
Construction Lighting - Extension Cable

Take a look at the PDF for the Bulb spec sheet! 28VDC Bulb Spec Sheet

Integro loans "The Right Idea" to the local YMCA See the testimonial here!

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Benefits of The Right Idea

AC/DC Converter runs efficiently

No harmonic distortion

Immediate start up and shut off

Globe or wire guards

OSHA compliant - safer

Dedicated circuit

Designed to retrofit existing power at 120 VAC

OSHA Compliant, no shock hazard, no GFCI (Under 30V)

AC/DC converter 120 VAC to 28 VDC

Maintenance savings

DC Lighting Streamer wired in parallel

28VDC LED Bulbs

Longer life expectancy

Bulb operates with no heat

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications (damp locations)


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